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Sovereign Postpartum

Nourishing Care for New Mothers

Fruits in Bloom

Postpartum care is a necessity, not a luxury. 

INNATE Postpartum Care works from the foundational understanding that: maternal health is foundational to society’s health. When Mothers are healthy and well, families are healthy and well. When families are healthy and well, communities are healthy and well – and this concentric ring of wellness continues to move outward to encompass the whole of the Earth. In optimally taking care of the Mothers, we are taking care of the future generations.

Five Essentials for Postpartum Healing



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Healing Touch

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Nourishing foods 

Hands Up

Community Care 

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Nourishing Foods

The digestive system undergoes many shifts and changes during the process of pregnancy and childbirth, and must be properly tended to in the first forty days in order to return to a vibrant and healthy state. Being provided proper foods that are warm in temperature, warm in nature, easy to digest and nutrient dense is key. 

Warm, Healing Touch

Other cultures around the world prioritize the importance of daily massage in the first forty days for the mother & baby.  The benefits of touch for a healing mother are outstanding.   Our offerings include hands on healing touch- such as Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage, moxibustion, belly binding & rebozo treatments.  We also educate you & your partners on how to carry out these practices over the course of the first forty days.  


Birth Processing

After each birth comes a new mother who deserves to be deeply held and witnessed.  Whether your birth felt beautiful, traumatizing, confusing or all of the above, our birth processing sessions are a time to be listened to, and to sort out any difficulties that you may be experiencing. Virtual options available. 

Planning for the Forth Trimester Course

In our culture, most of the emphasis is on pregnancy and birth.  There are many books and apps and podcasts on how to prepare for birth.  However, birth will always be unpredictable.  


For the most part, the  postpartum period IS predictable. You know your body will have gone through a passage, and most times, there will be a baby earth side. Therefore we can plan for it! 

The Fourth Trimester course puts all the pieces together for you, and it is required to bring at least one support person with you, so THEY can gain an understanding of how to adequately care for you in the first forty days. 

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